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The company zero-carbon.tech helps the Nordic energy- and construction industry in the green transition by maximizing the utilization of solar energy in all its forms.

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As niche system specialists, we help our partners through training and tools to create and implement successful projects with solar hybrid panels.

How to create a successful project
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Through optimized system solutions for each project, high performance and good operating economy are ensured. High product quality creates sustainability and long-term profitability.

Solar energy in the Nordic countries

We have many hours of sunshine in the Nordic countries during a year, in fact as many as several European countries. A challenge in the Nordic region, however, is that we have many hours of sunshine during the summer and few during the winter. The solution is hybrid panels (PV-T) that use solar energy all year round by recharging geothermal layers for the winter with excess solar during the summer.


Our products are manufactured by the world-leading manufacturer DualSun in France. DualSun is leading the global development of hybrid panels (PV-T) and was the first supplier to receive Solar Keymark in 2013. With its high-quality products also follows the market’s most generous warranty terms, which also include labor costs for premium partners in the event of a complaint.